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The intellectual development of children is the responsibility of their parents

The intellectual development of children is the responsibility of their parents

Most children today have struggle with lack of focus and attention. The most common culprit for this is the modern way of life and the use of ‘smart devices’. This does not mean our children are less capable for a full intellectual development. For successful development, the biggest responsibility falls with their parents! All children were born with unlimited potential of their mind, the only question is whether that chance will be used or if it will be missed permanently! Grab this unique opportunity and provide your children with the best - optimal intellectual development and knowledge they will retain for life!

School for children that change the world

School for children that change the world

School Kid Genius successfully implements programs that optimally stimulate children’s abilities from the earliest age. This is how we created the acclaimed international education system focused on the healthy development of children’s brains. By following this vision, we have been successfully combining the ‘best of both worlds’ for years now, applying precious experiences from both East and West. Our programs can be called revolutionary, because they accomplish extraordinary developmental results, thanks to the unique method, developed in cooperation with the world renowned experts in the field of education.

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Results of the program

  • Better performance in school
  • Confidence and better learning
  • Development of intellectual abilities
  • Improving attention and memory
  • Developed visualization power
  • Excellent memory and concentration
  • Analytical and logical thinking
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Preparation for prestigious education
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