Master mind

The ‘Master mind’ program is an addition to the mental arithmetics program in which the attendees learn how to solve the most complex mathematical problems and to do so by using only their minds!
This is why this program is called mental arithmetics. The program also represents the highest level of knowledge within the school of mental arithmetics. It is intended for all students tht successfully completed mental arithmetics, but it can also be attended by children that did not go through previous programs but have an affinity for natural sciences and math.

The ‘Master mind’ program includes algebra as well. The goal of this course is to further develop the students’ love of mathematics and to develop their ability to solve thematic problems that weren’t included in the curriculum of standard education.

Solving complex math operations by using only one’s thoughts, without using any aids (paper, pen, or calculator).

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The topics covered during the course are:

- Calculating prime factors

- Scaling of numbers

- Calculating roots (square root, cube root, 4th root, 5th root, 6th root)

- Sum of squares

- Square and cube of binomes

- Proportions

- Equations

- Fractions

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The areas of fun math and practical knowledge that are being covered are:

- Currency conversion

- Calculating time intervals

- Calendar (determining the day of the week of any date in the past or in the future)

- Binary codes

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We can see that solving these problems requires the full capacity of the brain, which is why the ‘Master mind’ program is an excellent workout for the brain!

The enrollees of the ‘Master mind’ program will undoubtedly acquire amazing skills, turning them into true geniuses and champions of knowledge.
Thanks to the successes of our students, ‘Kid Genius’ school has been awarded multiple European and world champion titles.

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