Our story

Kid Genius is an international educational system geared towards a healthy development of a child’s brain. 

Goals of Kid Genius are to encourage and develop intellectual skills and abilities of children starting at a young age. By following this vision, Kid Genius school has been combining the best of both worlds for a long time now, by applying precious experiences of both the East and the West.


The mission of our school is to create new generations of children that will use the maximum of their potentials, that will be capable of reaching the highest achievements of life and keep up with the challenges of the modern times. How do we do that? 

  • By developing the parents’ awareness of the need to encourage the cognitive development of children, starting at an early age.
  • By ensuring a secure, stimulative and creative educational environment in which children can grow and develop as individuals.
  • With a unique program that includes the applications of modern technologies and a responsible approach of our experienced and professional teachers.
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Our vision is shaping a more secure future for all children, in which they will be organized, disciplined and capable of resolving issues efficiently. We believe all children deserve to be respectful of themselves and others, to be strong, resilient and independent, i.e. SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY!

Let’s make the new generations stronger and prepare them for the future!

We’ve been successfully creating their brighter tomorrows for years!

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The Kid Genius team is comprised of academic experts (teachers, educators, psychologists, defectologists or kindergarten teachers) that have the necessary experience and a tested sensibility for working with children. Each of our tutors has gone through the international training and has been certified for working in the school.

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